The only gavions that are corrosion free the only ones that can be used in salt water,they are manufactured to any size or specification, at the best price in the market

  • Oceanus Marine Geocylinders®

    The only ones with an ecopolymer protection that allows us to guarantee against abrasión and vandalism. We manufacture any shape and size, and ship to any port in the world.

  • Marine Construction

    We offer our clients a turn key solution to all your coastal, marine and submarine construction needs.



    We can help you in all your needs regarding dredging, either for emergency bilge services or emergency sand pumping.


    The energy production frontiers are being redefinded by technologies that can harness the power of the marine environment, to transform energy produced by the tides, the waves, the wind and the sun.


    The only modular artificial reefs designed to simulate a natural barrier reef. The only modular artificial reef designed to break the waves and protect your property from erosion. The only ones designed to protect your beach from waves and storm energy action.

Science and Technology for a world in constant evolution

We provide a turn key solution to Governments, Tourism Industry, and Environmental Institutions to Coastal Erosion and Flood Control.

Our team is formed by an international group of academics and professionals,  that come together to define unique solutions.

Using the tools required to define the vulnerability for Coastlines, to Climate Change, Sand Dredging, Coastal Erosion and Flood, we provide a range of solutions that combine, detailed engineering, that uses state of the art technologies with novel products, some tailored and invented for each site, with the objective of fulfilling all requirements by authorities.

These products range from Geocylinders®, Hydrocylinders®, Plastic Gavions, Modular Artificial Reefs AMA®, and others, which in combination with a defined sand budget, and a proper maintenance plan, can attain an environmentally sound, long term, self sustaining solution for our clients infrastructure.





Miami fight against rising seas

The first time my father’s basement flooded, it was shortly after he moved in. The building was an ocean-front high-rise in a small city north of Miami called Sunny Isles Beach. The marble lobby had a waterfall that never stopped running; crisp-shirted valets parked your car for you.

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How Much Warmer Was Your City in 2015?

By K.K. REBECCA LAI FEB. 19, 2016 Scientists declared that 2015 was Earth’s hottest year on record. In a database of 3,116 cities provided by AccuWeather, about 90 percent of them were warmer than normal. Enter your city in the field below to see how much warmer it was last year.

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Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change

By JUSTIN GILLIS NOV. 28, 2015 The issue can be overwhelming. The science is complicated. Predictions about the fate of the planet carry endless caveats and asterisks. We get it. So we’ve put together a list of quick answers to often-asked questions about climate change. This should give you a running start on understanding the problem.

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ACP abstract - ice melt

Ice melt, sea level rise and superstorms: evidence from paleoclimate data, climate modeling, and modern observations that 2 °C global warming could be dangerous

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