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Turn Key Solutions

We provide turn key solutions for Government Institutions, Tourism Industry, and Environmental Institutions, to the incessant effects of coastal erosion and floods.

Marine Energy

The energy production frontiers are being redefined by technologies that can harness the power of the marine environment, to transform energy produced by the tides, the waves, the wind and the sun and reduce the impact of fossil fuels.

Beach Recovery

We offer studies, detailed engineering, and legal management. We carry out the construction part of the project and provide long-term maintenance, allowing customers to invoice the entire process with a single supplier.

Marine Construction

We offer our clients a turnkey solution to all your coastal, marine and submarine construction needs.

Our activities

Using the tools required to define the vulnerability for Coastlines, to Climate Change, Sand Dredging, Coastal Erosion and Flood, we provide a range of solutions that combine, detailed engineering, that uses state of the art technologies with novel products, some tailored and invented for each site, with the objective of fulfilling all requirements by authorities.

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