Oceanus has used Geobox as an alternative for dewatering operations to provide precise volume measurement for our customers, allowing our clients to store their sand, reducing costs of operation, with very productive results.

We manufacture Geobox in many sizes and we can ship them empty to any port in the world. This is a cost productive alternative to conventional extraction and final disposition technologies, reducing time, costs and with real measurable results.

We can pump suspended materials into Geobox, we can help our customers store sand, grain, mud, pumped debris, mining produce, aquaculture debris, agriculture debris, these industries all benefit using Oceanus Geobox Dewatering Technology.

Geobox allows our customers to keep and measure their materials, like sand, with controlled volumes, which can then be accomodated or stored depending on their type of operation.
Geobox is a reduced cost alternative to Geotube Dewatering Solutions.
Geobox can be emptied, stored and reused.

Geobox is environmentally friendly it reduces the use of machinery and simplifies our clients operations translating to bigger savings in the long run.

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