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For industries Aquaculture, Defense, Infrastructure Maintenance, Inspection Structure or environmental monitoring, portable system using submersible drones Oceanus, it is unique in the world.

These systems are electric, portable, with independent lighting, self-propelled, remote control, rechargeable, has usability at depths of 150 meters and does not require specialized operators which allows us to offer the best prices in the market.

They have been useful in pipeline inspections, accidents and shipwrecks, diving accidents, caves and caverns, environmental monitoring thousands of other uses

We are at your service if you have any need of our services underwater inspection. The drones are assembled in 30 minutes, and are operable from any boat.

Solutions for aerial imagery acquisition by unmanned aerial systems (UAS) OCEANUS is designed to dramatically reduce the time and costs involved in capturing airborne data, and guarantee the reliability you need for applications such as:

  • Engineering and Surveying
  • Mining
  • Civil works and earthworks
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Environmental applications and landfill
  • State agencies
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • In each of these industries, aerial imagery can be used for variety of tasks and generate a range of outcomes.
  • The acquisition solutions UAS OCEANUS aerial images are being used to perform topographic and boundary, route planning and construction sites, monitoring of progress, location surveys, determination of volumes, measurement of plant health surveys and analysis disaster.
  • Operators can generate with a single flight characteristics maps, topographical level curves, 3D surface models, orthophotos and maps Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI in English).

Key features include:

    • Automatic safety procedures by the user • Maximum performance in extreme weather conditions (winds up to 65 km / h partly cloudy) controlled commands
      Resolution pixels (GSD) to 3.3 cm
      Unlike traditional compact camera, the camera has a sensor UX5 large image that captures very sharp images in color, even in darkness and clouds.
    • Precise landings in confined spaces
    • Prepared for intensive use. A durable and reliable solution.
    • Fully automated work flows that facilitate use and allow safe operation
    • Cost / Benefit - investment in our services is significantly less than hiring manned aircraft
      Campo Work - We have the possibility of flying in complicated, tight and through scenarios that would be impossible to film and photograph places with manned spacecraft. Ships have qualities of stabilization, geo location, gps automation, significant compensation against winds, various security measures, consisting telemetry, retractable landing gear for complete freedom of mobility to 360 camera and 8-channel assigned to different functions contained in the drone.
      Manning our ships are harnesses / camera mounts (Gimbals) more sophisticated and better world, which provide stability and consistency to the material that is rising, video or photograph.
      The Gimbal alone requires an independent operator that always works parallel to the pilot in charge of directing all camera angles in its 3-axis and choose the video modes and shoot each picture.

Specs Imagen:

Sony NEX7 / - 1080p full HD - 24.3 megapixels
GoPro Hero3 Black / - 1080p/2k cinema/4k cinema - 14 megapixels

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