We offer the only modular artificial reefs designed to simulate a natural barrier reef in the world.
These are the only modular artificial reefs designed to break the waves and protect your property from erosion.
The only ones designed to protect your beach from waves and storm energy action.

Oceanus Marine Construction & Technology

Has experts in biology, engineering and hydrology for relevant studies for the recovery of its beaches, as well as modeling and specialized design tailored to your property to give protection to ensure your investment


  • Increase the profile significantly beach completely controlling erosion.
  • Create an invaluable artificial, stable, durable and barrier reef rich in marine biomass for healthy reproduction of flora and fauna.
  • Enjoy the good recreational and / or commercial of the beach all year.
  • Protect coastal infrastructure in the long term
  • The beach recovery carried out designing and placing a marine barrier with low environmental impact along the coast based modular artificial reef AMA
  • This process is eco-efficient from start to finish because the structures are modular and wave energy and the availability of sand in the system are constructed out of water, according to the characteristics of the beach, scientifically developed every appropriate setting AMA® their size and specific gravity.

This technology has been the recipient of Coastal recognition award for its efficiency in coastal protection, being approved by environmental testing in projects around the world including the United States, Mexico, Jamaica and United Arab Emirates

Modular Artificial Reefs Natural Rock Imitation

We have the ability to design highly specialized molds, invented to measure, for the manufacture and development of unique modular reef per site, creating a natural look that no one else can offer.
This is achieved by designing artificial reefs that mimic the natural rock of each site, creating elaborate designs that are lost in nature imitating natural stone, protecting your property with a natural aestheticism ever offered in the market for coastal protection.

Electro Reefs

This technology allows us to repair reef structures that have been damaged by an impact of boat and fractures storms and hurricanes With this technology can grow calcium carbonate efficient speed on metal structures, which allows the natural reef welded permanently, fractions or restore coral reef sections fractured by storms and groundings.

We offer emerging rescue service coral, breaking coral, capture and growth of polyps, we have access to many artificial reef projects where we take reefs recovered to new places where they can grow without being hurt for long, with a control where sites are chosen as areas where protection and monitoring given to life, are favored by temperature, quality and turbidity of the water, making the effort to protect and conserve these large shelters and incubators of marine life.


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