We are determined to solve fresh water scarcity, using only the sea, sun, earth & wind. Therefore, we provide efficient reverse osmosis solutions driven by solar, wind, wave or the grid to enable affordable & reliable fresh water at your site.

Desalination Using Reegergy for Affordable Fres Water
We do reverse osmosis. Without the downsides.
Powered by nature with wind, solar, wave or your energy.

Reverse osmosis has been used for decades to provide drinking water from seawater. We provide efficient reverse osmosis technology powered by the sunshine, the wind, the waves or your energy.

Desalination without the huge energy bills.

Reverse osmosis can be quite energy intensive, leading to high operational expenses. We enable affordable water by realizing energy efficient solutions powered by renewable energy sources available on-site.

A nightmare to maintain and operate? Not anymore.

Membrane fouling, rusty components, an empty water storage in the morning, these worries are in the past. Through constant operation and automated fresh flushes, the membrane lifetime is maximized. All components in contact with salt water have been carefully selected to resist corrosive environments and have a minimum of maintenance. Operation becomes stress-free through remote monitoring, control and automation.

Save up to 70% on water expenses

Enjoy big savings by avoiding the use of electricity, attractive return on investment.

Reliable & independent water supply

Independent on the availability and price of electricity, with a reliable water supply throughout the year.

Sustainable using unlimited resources

Utilizing the abundant resources of the sea and sun. Avoiding emissions as no fossil fuels are involved.

Stress-free operation & remote monitoring

You can check-in on your water supply, anywhere, anytime. No more surprises thanks to automated messages

Water for all. Numerous applications

Ready to quench your thirst. Water is a part of everything we do. Reliable access to high-quality water is crucial for any resort, community, private development, municipality, government or industry.
Utility expenses of a resort can be quite significant. The utility companies charge high water rates to resorts. A private desalination solution contributes heavily to the electricity bills. What if the water supply could become good for your wallet and for the Earth?
Today, 1 in 9 people lack access to safe water. Women are disproportionately affected, as they
are often responsible for collecting water. It’s also a matter of health; every 90 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease. What if we can improve health and enable empowerment & education? It’s time to break the cycle of poverty for communities.
Municipalities or utility companies are responsible for the water supply. Efficient desalination technology lowers the operational expenses and opens the door to decrease
the region’s water tariffs. Decentralized water supply avoids transportation losses, unwanted tapping or sending trucks. It’s possible to realize sustainability and water goals through desalination by renewable energy.
Water is the passion of island owners and the playfield for architects and developers. It’s an essential part of the stunning vistas and key
to privacy. But it also creates an expensive sustainability issue. Cutting electric cost entirely and using remote monitoring, fresh water is delivered without concerns. Fresh water has never been so easily obtainable or this free of guilt

Up to 1200 m3 / day. Only 1.30 $/m3. Up to 4.5M gallon/day. Only 0.5 ¢$/gallon.

Elevation available?

Let gravity do the work.
• Uses gravity assisted storage
• Solar energy Reverse Osmosis
• Lowest water expenses
• Makes use of natural elevation
• 24/7 water production
• Reduced brine salinity

No Elevation?

Battery-powered solution.
• Uses battery storage
• Solar energy Reverse Osmosis
• No need for elevation
• Grid-tied version possible
• Water production during the day
• Containerized, plug and play

Energy cource available

Efficient water maker.
• Uses your energy supply
• Electric Reverse Osmosis
• 3x more efficient vs ref. RO
• Generator or (mini) grid
• 24/7 water production
• Compact or containerized

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