Studies and modeling approaches

We have the team of scholars from the most prestigious in the world and together with universities work closely to define areas of high flood risk, as well as forecasts for 50 or 100 years as a flood zone will react considering changes topobatimétricos, climate change, among others.

Hydrocylinder Oceanus®

  • Puts at your service the Hidrocilindro® technology called, these are Geocilindros® or Geotube®, flexible or polypropylene geotextile containers that are filled with water.
  • Made to order in our factory to the port of Progreso Merida, Mexico 
  • We have the ability to export to the port of your choice.

Flood Control

We use water to fill Hidrocilindro®, thus create a dam that allows us to control temporarily flooded both sides of this road, but the road ahead is shrinking transportation allowing access to food or medical emergency personnel, entr others

We have different caballajes pumps for installation of Hidrocilindros® and quickly drain the affected area.

We have a team of divers and professionals that allow us to provide immediate support in extreme events.

We have the equipment to provide training on installing Hidrocilindros® the armed forces, who are always the first line of defense in the event of flooding.


Science and Technology for a world in constant evolution

Social Responsibility

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