The Geocylinder™ is a brand owned by Oceanus International, also known as Geotube, a Geocylinder™ is a Geotextile container, tailored, fused, sewn and designed to fit specific technical purposes.

These purposes range from dewatering & dehydration, to erosion control, flood control, artificial dunes, coastal protection and many others.
Oceanus International has the ability to design, manufacture Geocylinder™ in any shape or size, and execute, we have installations in Mexico and lab facilities in Delft, Netherlands, to test, design, and manufacture Geocyliners™ with the highest quality control, for the special and important needs of each specific client.

We also provide Geocylinders™ in a range of different colors, and textures.

We offer the only Geocylinder™ with an eco-polymer protection that allows us to guarantee against abrasion, and vandalism.

Our Geocylinder™ can be shipped from our factory to any port in the world.
Our Geocylinders also have diverse shapes, that range from
Elyptic Geocylinders™

The Flat Faced Geocylinder™

Designed to create cubes or cubic rectangular shapes

The Marine Geocylinder™

Designed for Marine applications, with has an eco-polymer layer of 1.5 to 3 mm thick, which gives us an unparalleled abrasion resistance to withstand rocks, debris, and gives us a shock resistance up to 2 tons per cm2, this added to the fact that our eco-polymer is used in fish farms, it does not damage the ecosystem, and it allows algae growth and recruitment of several species of coral.

Geocylinder™ for Dewatering or Dehydration

For many industrial applications, dehydration is a necessary evil.

Discontinued operations, increases costs and requires complicated and expensive equipment. But this should not be the case. There is a simpler and less expensive method for this work. It's called Geocylinder™ and its technology has been used to dehydrate in a huge range of industries, ranging from the dehydration of the paper pulp to clean industrial heaters, it has been used to dehydrate toxic or hazardous waste.

Our operations can be temporary or permanent, and reduces the volume of waste material up to 90%.

Oceanus develops and produces materials that function to increase performance, reduce costs and deliver measurable results working closely with our customers to provide advanced solutions.

Oceanus develops and produces materials that function to increase performance

It's called Geocylinder® and its technology has been used to dehydrate in a huge range of industries

Geotextile 100% polypropylene of the highest quality, with quad and sextuple silk stitching, reinforced urethane resin

We manufacture to any shape and size. We also ship to any port in the world.

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