We have all the equipment and experience to alleviate natural disaster zones due to Hurricanes or Floods. We have a strong human capital, with enough technology and experience to give an immediate response.

We have national and international subcontractors with experience in demolition and debris removal. We attach great importance to dealing with affected communities. Many local people are employed to perform all kinds of tasks, from traffic management to reconstruction.

We offer services such as:

  • Separation of rubble
  • Scrap Removal
  • Disposal of Debris
  • Demolition
  • Building
  • Demolition Removal
  • Cut and shred trees
  • Removal of roots and trunks
  • Marine Salvage
  • Sand Removal and Movement
  • Cleaning of Sand Streets
  • Sand Road Cleaning
  • Cleaning of ways of passage
  • Drains
  • Sand Screening
  • Sand Replacement
  • Beach reconstruction
  • Reconstitution of Dune
  • Re vegetation
  • Maintenance and proposals for long-term protection and management of coastal zones


With prevention agreements, we can secure the necessary resources and materials in the most vulnerable places, so that they are prepared and we can act in the most efficient way according to each site.


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Social Responsibility

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