We provide a turn-key solution to Governments, Tourism Industry, and Environmental Institutions to Coastal Erosion and Flood Control. 

Our team is formed by an international group of academics and professionals, that come together to define unique solutions.

Using the tools required to define the vulnerability for Coastlines, to Climate Change, Sand Dredging, Coastal Erosion and Flood, we provide a range of solutions that combine, detailed engineering, that uses state of the art technologies with novel products, some tailored and invented for each site, with the objective of fulfilling all requirements by authorities. 

These products range from Geocylinders®, Hydrocylinders®, Plastic Gabions, Modular Artificial Reefs AMA®, Artificial Dunes, 3D printed structures, and others, which in combination with a defined sand budget, and a proper maintenance plan, can attain an environmentally sound, long term, self-sustaining solution and adaptation to changing weather, for our client infrastructure.

Marine Construction

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